At Gary Santa Lutherie we see your instrument as an extension of who you are. Every artist performs and plays differently. That is the reason that we want to see how you play and express yourself through your instrument before we work for you. A custom setup or repair that is tailored to you is our top priority. We do not do standard setups that are supposed to work for everyone. You are an individual and you are the one we want your instrument to be setup for.

A Member of the Guild of American Luthiers

25 years professional experience

Fender Guitar Gold Level factory authorized technician 

Formerly performed final assembly @ Taylor Guitars

First technician to be recognized as a warranty service technician by Ibanez

Apprentice to Bruce Allsop, Master Luthier

Our commitment is to restore and repair any instrument to its professional industry standard. We follow in the footsteps of the original builder who had a purpose for everything they did while creating the unique sound each instrument was intended to make. There are many who will repair an instrument to fix it, but few who will stay true to the original builder’s design.

Gary was the Master Luthier at the Weiser Fiddle Festival. See him here https://fb.watch/ioWQ72Kil0/